Lyrics The Rose

The Rose

Song Lyrics “The Rose” by Bette Midler

Lyrics The Rose
Lyrics The Rose

Bette Midler’s song, “Lyrics the Rose” is about a woman who finds her true love at the end of a long and painful road. In the first verse, she breaks off from her current boyfriend because he has not been able to show his love for her in all the years, they have been together. She knows that if he wants to have a future with her, now is the time to prove it. She sees past his faults and mistakes and takes what she needs from him so that she can move on and find someone better for herself in the future. Towards the end of the second verse, we learn that this new man has come into her life at just the right moment. He has brought joy back into her life after years of sorrow and disappointment. In this new relationship, she no longer feels like crying anymore because even though she may still have pain in her heart, there is also joy within it as well. How Did The Lyrics To ‘The Rose’ by Bette Midler Get Into Your Soul? Let’s dig deeper together

Lyrics the Rose: What You Should Know Before You Listen

When you’re in the mood to get lost in some beautiful music, you’ve probably thought about something like the lyrics to ‘The Rose.’ But did you know the details behind the song that made it so special for so many people over the years? The Rose is a famous song by American singer-songwriter Bette Midler. The original version was released on her album Hope on November 10, 1980. It was also included on Midler’s compilation albums The Divine Miss M (1985), The Best of Bette (2001), The Essential Bette Midler (2007), and From the Top (2008). It is Midler’s best-selling single, and has been covered by multiple artists, most notably by Elton John on his 1993 album To Be Continued.

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Bette Midler’s Music Career

Before “The Rose,” Midler had been performing for years around the country as a lounge act. It was only after she signed a record deal that she began to seriously pursue a career in music. Midler sang in a number of duos and groups throughout the ’70s, and then went solo in 1979. She released an album called “Bette” the same year, but did not find much commercial success. Midler did pick up a few notable awards, however, including a Grammy Award in 1982 for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for the track “Friends.” She also won a Best New Artist Golden Globe that same year. Midler’s follow-up album, “The Divine Miss M,” was released in 1982 and pushed her to the next level. The album featured the hit single “The Rose,” and sold more than 500,000 copies in its first year of release. Midler spent the next few years touring the country and, in 1985, she released her third studio album, “Hope,” which went on to sell more than 1 million copies. That same year, Midler picked up another Grammy for her song “From a Distance,” which was featured in the movie “Streets of Fire.”

When Is ‘Lyrics the Rose’?

Lyrics The Rose
Lyrics The Rose

“Lyrics the Rose” was released in 1980 as the second single from Midler’s debut album. Although Midler broke out onto the music scene when she released “The Rose,” Midler’s career really took off after she sang the song in a duet with Elton John in 1982. The song hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and also topped the Adult Contemporary and Dance charts. Midler received two Grammy Awards for the track and it remained at the top of the chart for an incredible 14 weeks. It was Midler’s first #1 hit and spent three weeks atop the R&B charts as well.

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How to Listen to ‘Lyrics The Rose’ By Bette Midler

– If you have ever listened to a Midler song before, you may be wondering how to get back into her music. The easiest way is by re-listening to her albums from the start. Midler’s first three albums are among her best work and contain some of her most famous songs. – You may also want to start with Midler’s compilation albums. These albums, which were released after her first three, feature a collection of Midler’s hits and popular covers. – For even more help, Midler has a playlist on Spotify with a variety of her songs, including “The Rose.” You can use this playlist to re-listen to her music and learn the lyrics to some of her most famous songs.

Why is ‘The Rose’ So Powerful?

“The Rose” is one of Midler’s most memorable songs, and for good reason. It is a love song about finding true love at the end of a difficult journey. Midler’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of the pain and sorrow she has gone through in the past and how she feels like she is finally getting to a place of joy and happiness. Midler’s voice is also haunting in the song and is accompanied by a gorgeous acoustic guitar. The song has been covered by multiple artists over the years, including Elton John on To Be Continued. Midler herself has also performed the song in multiple settings, including on her post-divorce tour in 1992. Midler also performed a live version of the song on the television series “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed learning more about “The Rose” by Bette Midler and how this song got into your soul. There are so many songs out there, but there are only a few that really get under your skin and stay there for years after you first hear them. If you’re still not sure what your song is, try singing or listening to it and see what you think. It could just be that song you’ve been waiting to hear your whole life.

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Lyrics The Rose

Lyrics The Rose
(from “The Rose” soundtrack)
Some say, “Love. It is a river
That drowns the tender reed”
Some say, “Love. It is a razor
That leaves your soul to bleed”
Some say, “Love. It is a hunger
An endless aching need”
I say, “Love. It is a flower
And you its only seed”

It’s the heart afraid of breaking
That never learns to dance
It’s the dream afraid of waking
That never takes the chance
It’s the one who won’t be taken
Who cannot seem to give
And the soul afraid of dyin’
That never learns to live

When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long
And you think that love is only
For the lucky and the strong
Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed that with the sun’s love
In the spring becomes the rose

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