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    1158 Moore Road, Orangeburg, SC 29118, United States
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    The Willis Blume Agency has been providing live entertainment to southeastern festivals and fairs, conventions, corporate events, weddings and college parties for more than 35 years. One of the oldest and most respected entertainment agencies in the region, the Willis Blume Agency is a family business that has grown up with its artists and customers. Willis and Linda Blume started the agency in 1972 with a showcase of 15 bands in Orangeburg. Now the Blumes represent more than 80 bands from a variety of genres, from big band to jazz, retro soul to funk, beach music to pop variety. Clients who booked dance bands for their high school proms through Willis Blume are now coming back to book talent for their children’s wedding receptions! The staff at Willis Blume is knowledgeable in the areas of event planning and hospitality, as well as sound production. We make sure all details related to our bands’ appearances are handled smoothly and seamlessly so that our customers can focus on other details of their events, then sit back and enjoy! Willis & Linda Blume Throwing a little party is easy, but coordinating a top-notch event of any size takes expertise. Willis Sr.’s background as a band musician makes him a natural for the entertainment booking business. He understands the needs of both band and client, and works to ensure his clients are completely thrilled with their choice of musical entertainment and that both clients and bands are satisfied with the services provided by the Blume Agency staff. Linda is an award-winning talent buyer and meeting planner. Her exemplary service to agency clients has earned her recognition from Meeting Planners International and the opportunity to provide event planning leadership for the South Carolina Festivals Association. Willis and Linda’s enthusiasm for volunteer work on behalf of South Carolina’s tourism industry earned them a 1989 State Tourism Award. For any kind of sound, for any kind of event, and with any size of budget, Willis and Linda are THE people to turn to help you locate, book and enjoy the best possible musical entertainment. With so many wonderful bands from which to choose, the Blumes can guarantee event success. Browse our website; sample some music and give us a call to start the booking process. We’ll soon be adding you to our list of very satisfied customers.

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