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    Voted as one of the top 100 music stores of 2017 by NAMM, Symphony Supply has supplied the region for over 20 years with top quality violins, violas, cellos and basses to rent and purchase. Symphony Supply is the only ALL STRINGS store as well as the only music store in this region who has professional string players able to demonstrate the instruments for you. We are more than sellers of instruments– we are teachers and parents of string players and demand the best quality of instrument for the best price for our students and yours. We have a variety of top quality instruments for all levels. Our rental program is the best you will find in the 5 state area. We are the only LOCAL music store in the Purchase to rent violins, violas, cellos and basses. Check our website, to learn how your rental money accrues toward the purchase of an instrument. Parents, you have the right to compare our prices and benefits to any rental company before you sign another company’s contract. We are local, professional and provide excellent customer service. Our staff is eager to show you our step-up instruments, those which are for intermediate and advanced students. Want to take private lessons? Ask us! We have wonderful teachers on sight as well as colleagues which we can recommend. Call and make an appointment if you need to see us after hours. We have a fun selection of gifts and the largest sheet music selection in our area. And now….we carry PIANO MUSIC Musical Instrument Rental, Music Instruction, Tuning, Musical Instrument Repair, School Rentals, Digital Recording, Consignments, Music CDs & Tapes

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