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    At Halpin Music Company, our mission is our motto – ” Music for Life! ” We believe that the lifelong enjoyment of music-making starts from the very earliest age. From our popular “made for kids only” Kidzrock program to our parent and student-friendly instrument rental programs to our easy weekly lesson program, Halpin Music is your family’s local “one stop shop” for musical learning! And, we offer a wide range of musical instruments, print music, and accessories at super competitive prices. Combine that with fast and affordable repair service and an experienced, dedicated staff of music professionals and you have an award-winning, customer focused, locally owned business that has been serving the region for nearly 60 years! We have two great locations to serve you so come in or call and see for yourself that, at Halpin Music, we truly believe in helping every person realize the gift of “Music for Life!” Group Music Instruction, Piano Lessons, Music Instruction, Tuning, Musical Instrument Repair, Children’s Music Lessons, Instrument Rentals, Instrument Sales, Rock Music Lessons, Instrument Repair, Private Music Lessons, Keyboard Lessons, School Rentals, Instrumental Music Lessons, Consignments, Pianos, Clarinets, Brass Instruments, Saxophone, Flutes, Cymbals, Musical Instruments, Violins, Guitars, Effects Pedals, Saxophones, Drums, Bass Instruments, Trumpet, Percussion Instruments, Cellos, Voice, Acoustic Instruments, Tubas, Keyboards, Strings, Amplifiers, Band & Orchestra Instruments, Ukulele, Flute, Oboes, Stringed Instruments, Clarinet, Reeds

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