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    Frozen Music Productions is owned by composer, pianist and educator, Kathleen Bielawski. Ms. Bielawski has 35 years experience teaching piano, music composition, music theory, lyric writing, songwriting and keyboard programming. In addition, she provides oversight to performers’ recording and production projects. An esteemed composer, arranger and pianist, Kathleen has toured nationally and internationally as a performer and composer.
    Piano Instruction: Beginning students are introduced to the fun of learning music, but are also given a thorough grounding in note-reading, chord reading, rhythm and counting and fingering. All styles of music, especially classical, jazz, rock, pop and New Age are featured in students’ music. Students have input into the choice and style of music they study, with supervision from the instructor. Music theory and ear training are both included in the course of study.
    Ms. Bielawski teaches all ages, with a specialty in adult and young adult learners. Children under the age of 6 are accepted only after a preliminary interview and audition/lesson to determine acceptance.
    Ms. Bielawski specializes in individual music lessons tailored to the needs and interests of her students. Her commitment is to the student and their experience of music, through directed study and collaboration with the student to develop a focus on learning in conjunction with the studen’s expanding experience of music of all styles and cultures. Music Composition/Songwriting Studies: Students begin with short writing exercises and an introduction to Western musical form. Orchestration and arranging are discussed and experimented with. Jazz students begin chord identification, ear training and improvisation. Styles of world music, jazz, funk, rock and classical music are included as musical examples and active listening assignments. Lyric writing includes analysis of song form, forms of poetry, writing assignments and setting lyrics to music, either written by the songwriter or another composer.
    GROUP CLASSES: Adult classes in music appreciation, music theory, song/lyric writing, music history and special topics in music. Visit us on Facebook.

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