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    15420 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20905, United States
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    Dr. Oster has 40 years experience as a music educator for young children (ages from 3 to 18) and college students. She is Principal and Professor of Piano Performance at EAMA, Inc., President of IAMGC, Inc., and Vice-President of the Recognition Board of the World Congress of Arts, Sciences, and Communications, Cambridge, England. Dr. Oster was selected as an outstanding musician of the 20th century in 2001 from World Bibliography Center, UK. She is also an international advisor for piano pedagogy for the same organization. Dr. Oster permanently serves as a judge for a large number of national and international competitions, and systematically provides masterclasses.

    The Academys curriculum is flexible depending upon a students desire and financial ability. We offer private classes with various musical instruments: piano, violin, flute, trumpet, among others, as well as with music theory and music history lessons.

    All private classes are geared to the psychological comfort of students based on individual abilities of learners & and provided by professional musical staff.

    The school is affiliated with the International Associations for Musically Gifted Children, Inc. (IAMGCI) which helps children, ages 3 to 18, as well as adults students to participate in most advanced internationally recognized program from Pre-K through 12th grade.

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