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    For more than 45 years students from all over have come to learn how to play the piano from my piano studio. I have taught experienced and inexperienced piano players of all ages. Since 1970 I have been giving piano lessons to the residents of Toledo, Perrysburg, Maumee, Temperance, Erie, Bedford, Monroe, Lambertville, and all the outlying areas.

    Learning the piano is definitely not an insurmountable task. I have learned through many years of being a piano teacher that learning to play the piano is an exceptionally rewarding endeavor. For a young child or even an adult, it can teach discipline, confidence, improve motor skills, and stimulate higher learning. This is in addition to being both challenging and fun.

    The music education and appreciation you will receive here is something that is truly dynamic. Not only will you add a new musical dimension to yourself but you will have a personal (and sometimes professional) lifelong skill with a profound amount of musical knowledge that only eight percent of Americans have. Also, many of my students have gone on to enjoy extremely fulfilling professional music careers (a couple even teach music abroad.) Whatever your end goals may be, I can guide you in making your desire to play piano a reality. It is never too late to learn to play, and I am the one who can teach you at the rate and capacity you can handle.

    It should only take five years to learn all the core piano playing skills. At this time the student should be able to read music very well and may be able to sight read at a level three music proficiency. To become an excellent pianist, it takes about ten years. To have a career as a pianist, such as a church musician or a music teacher, you must start early in life or be very dedicated to playing. To decide in high school that you want to have a career in music may be too late, or at least very difficult to start at that time.

    If a student starts to learn piano between the ages 4-6 or has achieved level 5, they can participate in music competitions. Some of these competitions are available in junior high, with even more available in high school. Also, some advanced students that are in high school may begin to teach beginning piano students. Accompanying for other musicians is also a possibility. Piano is the basis for all other instruments and will absolutely be a benefit to students who plan to participate in a band or orchestra. Teaching piano is regarded as very difficult subject to teach, but here at my piano studio I have found the most effective methods to use.

    Within a short period of time you will learn the correct playing technique, posture, and hand position. Further along you will learn how read and write notes on the grand staff (treble clef and bass clef). Even farther down the road you will learn to read, write, and perform rhythms. Also you will learn how to dictate melodies and learn how to improvise and even compose your own songs.

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